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Whisper of Swallow Wings
I can feel the whisper of swallow wings against my cheek.
The taunting voices reverberating off
the inner membranes of your skull. Urging you
to do it.
To take the plunge.
Suffocating under layers of decadently laced vermilion,
nothing managed but a slight echo of utterances.
Did you say something? Silence.
A voice with a lost cause, a coarse guttural mix of letters
bunched up into the left hand.
Because nothing's ever right.
No intimacy. A mix of phalanges extended out hoping to be met
with a complimentary counterpart.
Instead, ulnae are met with a rough backhand.  
You. I. Don't understand.
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I love you-
Your heart instead of your eyes.
Big brown eyes wide
Speaking words that sound like gibberish from
A mouth,
Pearly white teeth like ivory,
Wide smiles.
Then childish laughter
How fattening,
Like hot chocolate marshmallows attacking.
Sweet cocoa beans
Artificial sugars
Straight from the vine
You prick me endlessly,
Yet I tirelessly
Love you so.
Revengeful actions, will kill.
Black night darkness surrounds
Dark swirls of softness,
Honeyed, delicately layered
Where are all your smiles?
Mi amor
Cry, let it out
Let me hold your sorrow until tomorrow.
I care
About you
Beloved child-
The hearts sewn on
Your jacket sleeve
Grows and spreads while you
Watch it
Grow into something sweet
They syrupy pancakes
Stuff themselves desirably
I love you-
My sweet,
Be safe,
Mon chéri.
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a fisherman's tail by shiiyu a fisherman's tail :iconshiiyu:shiiyu 2 2 touch the bokeh sky by shiiyu touch the bokeh sky :iconshiiyu:shiiyu 2 3
to kill a mockingbird
ashes to ashes. dust to dust. pull my hair out one by one.
fill the crevaces that line my cerebrum with burnt leaves and crumpled twigs. claw the dirt out, spewing from the silence that fills my pharynx. a throat long gone. rasping utterances whisper no longer from the wind. rings of vertebrae tell the years.
simply put too many
lovely birch tree twigs wrenched around tresses long past an expiration date. each strand meticulously ripped from the lucid stillness. the air, suffocating, burst with nothingness. the quiet engulfing her.
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too much mind by shiiyu too much mind :iconshiiyu:shiiyu 1 5 nightlight. by shiiyu nightlight. :iconshiiyu:shiiyu 1 0
storyteller .
you look at me with your hazel eyes. or were they blue. green. your eyes were pretty and freckled with something i wanted to know. you held me in more regard than i deserved. expectance has always been my weakness. your eyes saw straight through my submissive silence. peeling back my layers of insecurities. you saw me.
you lay there. open to opposition and scrutiny. sleeping soundly. your chest moving up and down in a steady, soothing rhythm. it wasnt even uncomfortable for me to be watching you. it felt too intimate. i did not belong. this is not somewhere i was welcome. so i adverted my eyes while you slept unknowing of the turmoil i witnessed. urges to brush your hair back gently wracked my ethics with violent hacking. you had me at hey.
i ran my fingers through your unruly hair. letting the strands slip between my fingers before i bunched them up in one hand to tie. you barely flinched, but i knew it pained you. fashioning a new hairstyle-just for you. a priceless picture th
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 1 2
rain that you feel on your finger tips
through the glass of a window.
you can feel it drenched up
into the confines of burned sand.
h o w p r e t t y.
hearing it crashing into the window pane.
feel it caressing your face after love's taken
from you. let it wash away your sorrow.
take away the pain.
feel love coming
down like rain.
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 0
my pictures dont turn out this pretty.
take a vintage camera. outside. snap.
polaroids are what's locked in this contraption called a heart.
four main pumping valves keeps this going. how i wish that maybe this
would stop. then i could take the key hanging down from that ferris wheel
you promised me. slip it through my translucent skin. folding it into myself
until i cant anymore. and it'll open a paper box drenched in blood inside there
is something beautiful. simply beautiful.
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 4
shooting stars
you say "i dont see anything" gazing out my window. i say "you're not looking close enough." you see trees, with green leaves blowing in the wind. i see a small cove. dark as midnight, withering in a sea of green brushing the cave into different shapes with feathery movements.
you say "i dont see anything" staring into the great azure sky. i say "you're not looking close enough." you see blue sky and white clouds. i see a story, i see a character, a dragon, a teakettle, a heart. i see i see i see. as night wears on you point out constellations but all i see is a game of connect the twinkling dots. "Hey! did you see that shooting star?! It was amazing!" i didnt answer but you kept talking after my hesitation.
you say "i dont see anything" looking away from my pleading eyes. i say "you're not looking close enough." you see a normal adolescent with no faults. i see a troubled teen with a twisted sense of normal. i see xylophone ribs cascade into a sunken stomach that is lined with
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 0
i dont need this.
i. tell me your lies.
seething through dialated pupils.
a black hole to the cavern of darkness.
iii. glass breaking walls of steel.
screeching your name.
it echos against the vermillion
laced between pearls dear.
iv. a body broken and emotion folded back
into subconcious.
smiles artificial and full of high fructose.
kisses filled with vanity blown into self-mortification.
beauty skin deep.
vii. a slow dying flower.
frost bitten and withering petal by petal.
is it dark enough. am i gone.
the more you wish i was
i was never
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 0
I lay there, by your side under the glistening stars. I don't care if the grass is somewhat damp, just being near you keeps me warm and fuzzy. My heart races, but my breathing is even. I feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of stars. Its hard to look at those beauties, when I'm too busy staring at you.
"Aren't they beautiful" I whisper to you inaudibly
Yet you answer hm flawlessly, as if you heard me screaming them at you. Stop covering your face and look at the stars. You remove your hands from your face.But your eyes.Yes, those pretty ones of yours; remain closed. Open your eyes. You do, and gaze up at the unknown darkness dotted with specks. And then, faintly, I see you smile. I love your smile.
Together we lay, under a blanket of bursting light millions of light years away. On a bed of grass that we're making crop circles out of. This path we've never traveled led us here, to this spot of utter beauty. I want to stay here with you forever, right here and now. I never want to leave.
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 8
swing life away
i want to swing.
swing so much.
so high.
the air rushing me, back and forth.
swing life's trouble's away.
escape the grasping dead arms that weigh me down.
pulling hungrily at my converse's tattered laces.
my black and white shoes.
swing so vigorously that i shake the hold that cuts
the circulation off from my wrists.
swing so that i feel light.
so i can breathe without it hurting.
so that my heart can beat and i wont feel
a pressure pain every time it does.
i want to swing so that i can touch the sky
and the stars
and the sun
and the clouds.
and they in turn embrace my indecisive swaying figure.
and when i stop swinging.
it will pummel me down.
i'll fall of my rubber thrown.
a thrown attached to chains.
grass colored metal poles.
the landing will be never ending.
i wont stop.
not until i learn.
how to fly.
one day.
i'll swing so much.
i'll learn to fly and then i wont have to sit on the obsidian thrown ever again.
i can touch the sky
and the stars
and the sun
and the clouds
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 1 0
hands like snow
i reach out and i grasp hands.
your hands
always so cold like snow
they melted silently
then again those hands
might be mine
or that may be your heart
melting into a rainbow
you said my eyes lack colour
and i said your shell is an
empty room
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 2 0
06. abandoned
she sits alone staring out into the blank pavement. hoping sentences will
just appear. one blink after another. she hopes that its not to late when
they arrive. they never do. she can hear the laughter. she wants to place
herself inbetween their verbs. adjectives. nouns. and let them sink into
her back. so she can be apart of their story too.
she waits by the window. gazing at what once was people walking to take
her away from this confinment. its quiet and lonely. a faint ringing in the
back of her head. she doesnt bother to check her phone. she knows its
not them. they left her a long time ago. or could it be her mental status
deteriorating just like her. they dont want a friend who is as weird as she
is. she hopes they didnt mean it. she knows they didnt...
she lets them do this to her. a masochist. feeling the pain and hurt crawl
all over her. its cold shadow fingers slip under her clothes and plunge
into her skin. making itself confortable. her body below freezing but she
doesnt c
:iconshiiyu:shiiyu 0 0


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Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope you arent doing badly. I've been well- I guess. Christmas was exciting.
Not exactly it, but surprisingly less enthusiastic than last year. I got presents-yes. I didnt really get all that I might have wanted but I enjoyed what I was given.

I recently became aware of Miss-Deathwish's 31 Promts. They are what they are- 31 writing promts. Basically similar to the 100 Theme Challenge-which is too much for me to handle. orz;; So I figure 31 isnt too hard to complete. I really hope you guys will like my interpretation of these prompts.

What are your new years resolutions?


I dont like giving my name out because I dont believe I am pretty enough for it. I have angry hair and cynical humor. I am short and weird. Psychologically I am still a child at heart. I dwell by the coast. I live in a nice town full of music and excellent Chinese-American food. After I go to college my dream is to be a cream puff and work with my friends. I’d also like to be aloud to crack open my head and let the imagination go, and I think all animals should be really fat and make squeaky sounds. I beat up tigers and boys. I also think girls are tougher then tigers. I love colors, clouds and bubbles more than anything in the world. I’d wear the smell of alcohol-based markers over perfume any day. I can be an emotional emo queen. I can’t carry a tune to save my life but I sing anyways just to shatter a few passing eardrums. I am not always a cheery person but I try my hardest to make you smile. I am a super geeky hardcore loser spontaneous dork who loves to flail about with my octopus pikachu and tries say the right things but ends up overthinking and gets bullied by my guy friends. RAWR

everything in my gallery is me.
do not use anything without my written permission.

Favourite genre of music: OST


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